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Yoga For Obesity

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

The article is in relevance to the growing obesity in the world, it’s hazardous effects on other things and ones response to it; how yoga can help to improve the situation and vicious cycle an obese is stuck in.

Obesity is the growing problem the world is facing now and has a very high mortality rate, obesity worldwide since 1975 has tripled. According to WHO there are around 1 billion overweight adults out of which 300 are falling into this category of epidemic. Initially it was characterized as a condition which is seen in developed countries but it is now known that it is faster in the developing countries. It is growing faster due to development, urbanisation, complex carbohydrates consumption has increased, lifestyle changes are also present besides obesity being genetic.

Obesity causes multiple health issues , according to WHO “Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health.” People with obesity issues are at high risk to have cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Gallbladder Disease and even certain types of cancers. Other diseases which aren’t fatal are respiratory, infertility, musculoskeletal, hormonal imbalance, skin problems, etc,. These are the problems one can face with obesity. Fatal or non fatal these are diseases and they will never give one ease in living life. Lets see how Yoga can help us to overcome these problems.

5 ways Yoga can help managing Obesity?

  1. Fat loss: Obesity is caused when the intake is more than required and thus there is deposition of the excess in the form of fats. Yoga is well known in the 21st century for it’s asanas. Asanas is a physical work which will help a person to lose his extra fat. Yoga asanas are for everyone and it has benefits like increasing the metabolism which will help one to reduce wait in the right manner which will be consistent and safe.

2. Stamina: There are many patients of obesity who face trouble in breathing out of many are facing asthma as well and then that becomes the hurdle in their progress of working out. Stamina can be improved by the practices of pranayama as it will increase the lung capacity of a patient and let them exercise.

3. Psychological well-being: People who have obesity often feel embarrassment and shame while in the society because of their appearances and body shaming. This may cause psychological problems with them like depression. Also, stress is one of the causes of obesity. Yoga will help a person to deal with these problems one faces and help them deal it and have a positive approach towards life by doing techniques like Pranayama and Meditation.

4. Detox: how much ever we fill clean water but if the bottle is dirty the water gets dirty too. similarly, the body of an obese is filled with extra fats, acidity and gas. These are the three doshas Ayurveda talks about and yoga helps to deal with it. Any imbalance in these doshas causes diseases and obesity has kapha or fats more causing disease. Shatkarmas as mentioned in Hatha yoga will help them purify the body first helping them to be disease free further.

5. Self- motivation: what an obese person lacks usually is motivation to do exercise. Meditation will get out the best in a person, will get the positive approach to life and slowly eliminate all the negative thoughts which leads to procrastination and motivate one to get up and work for one's own good health.

Here we see that yoga is a science which will help an obese person to manage it’s weight and it will also help to deal with problems related to the same. It will cleanse the dirt and then help to do asanas to lose weight, and will also help to manage the emotions and deal with obesity better. Yoga is a complete package to help manage obesity.


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