Painacea is conceptualized by its founder Dr Sidharth Verma, who believes that pain is not a hindrance, but a protective mechanism of the body which is the result of lifestyle imbalances. Most of these are highly preventable but can keep one from making the most of their physical health, activities, and comfortable life. Derived from the Greek word ‘panacea,’ it means a remedy for pain and ailments.

Painacea was founded on 7th August 2018 & the day is celebrated as the foundation day every year.

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Dr Sidharth Verma


13 years of medical experience, 6 years of exclusive experience in treating pain patients

Spine & Pain Physician


Monica Pandey

MA - Counselling Psychology, MBA – HR, UGC NET

20 years of experience

Pain Coach

Ms Monica Pandey | Pain Coach | Psychologist | Pain Clinic | Painacea | Mumbai
Dr. Minal Shah
Dr. Minal Shah

She completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy from MAEER’S College of Physiotherapy , Pune & also specializes in Pain Management

Pain Physiotherapist

Dr Priti Jaiswal

BPT, MPT - Musculoskeletal Sciences

Total of 5 years of experience as a Physiotherapist & over 2 years of exclusive experience as a Pain Physiotherapist

Pain Physiotherapist

Dr Priti Jaiswal | Pain Physiotherapist | Pain Manganament Clinic | Painacea | Mumbai
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Devanshi Palan

A full-time Master's in Psychology, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, with over 3 years of experience

Pain Coach


Esha Kargutkar

BE - IT, 900 hrs TTC

Pain Yogi

Esha Kargutkar | Pain Yogi | Yoga | Pain Clinic | Painacea | Mumbai
Harpreet Shivdasani

4 years of exclusive experience in supporting Pain Patients

Assistant Manager(Operations) 

Sakina Malak

2 yrs of Exclusive experience in supporting Pain Patients

Patient Support Executive