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Should Men Do Yoga?

This article consists of reasons why men require yoga as much as women do and what the dilemma is all about. Yog is not falling into the sex distinctions and why is it so important for a man also to do yog as much as a women. What is it that people need to know about yoga and the thought of liberty regarding gender equality and its immense benefit to everyone equally? Also, the importance of doing yog for everyone today.

Should men be doing yoga or is it just a women's thing? This Is the question usually heard in the studios where yoga classes are available too or is usually asked to me as a yog teacher before joining the class this article is the response to the similar questions asked about the same. Here I'm not going to simply compare it with other forms of activities as it has its own beauty but just keeping it simple by answering Should men do yoga?

Reasons Why Men should do Yoga

We usually relate health & fitness with muscles, shape of the body, fat loss, endurance. But, there are other things which Men don't look at as to be included under the entities of good health. To be fit and healthy. Fitness is not merely to fit in a size of pair of jeans but something which will keep us going throughout life. Few are listed below which are also to be considered when health comes into the picture and is easily provided by yoga.

  1. Flexibility is better than cure:

We all have seen that one gym friend at least who has been gymming and is really stiff . And have we heard of Gym injuries or sports injuries or dance injuries as well at times? Not that those forms don’t have their importance, but flexibility is as important as strength is. If you start doing yoga it will work on your flexibility and lightness of body as much as the strength of the body. This will in the long run help you avoid wear and tear of the body as we age and helps us to age gracefully and ultimately everything we do is for a better future so why should men refrain themselves from doing the same?

2. Yoga gives you Mobility:

Yoga just doesn’t work on strength and flexibility but also mobility. Mobility is the entity which allows a person to have movements without restrictions. A person with great mobility can do functional movements. A man with good mobility means better balance and can use strength better. In the end we all want to keep going and be mobile.

3. Stress Reduction:

Exercising is said to reduce your stress, says them, but what is the cause of stress and how will you learn to manage it will be learnt in a yoga class. And I don't think only women are stressed and men aren’t. Thus, men also should do yoga to cope with stress and make life much better.

4. Yoga is Therapeutic:

Yoga by origin isn't meant for therapy but therapy happens like a by product in yoga. The postures are not just bending and stretching but are beyond the gross achievements.

Example Paschimottanasana :-

इति पश्छिमतानमासनाग्र्यं

पवनं पश्छिम-वाहिनं करोति |

उदयं जठरानलस्य कुर्याद

उदरे कार्श्यमरोगतां छ पुंसाम || २९ ||

Paschimottanasana helps the pranic flow to rise through sushumna and it also helps in increasing the digestive fire, and a person practicing it becomes free from diseases.

So not just paschimottanasana increases the flexibility of hamstrings and helps you become an IG yogi but also helps you in better digestion (better digestion better health).

5. Alignment of body, mind and energy:

Everyone has a life and people around them; be it family, colleagues or friends and humans are social animals however we have to learn to adjust and breathe freely in any circumstances. Yoga philosophy when practiced will definitely help you cope with all the situations and problems like anger, anxiety, depression, etc will be sorted. There are many modern schools now which have started teaching those aspects of yoga as well. And be it a man or a woman everyone needs to learn to manage life and live with love and peace in mind because we all are running for peace to mountains, beaches, or drugs. Yoga is the safest and competitive way to achieve the same. Thus, not just the body but also the mind is taken care of by yoga. All this happens because the prana (life force) is regulated by Doing yoga.

Yoga is required in all walks of life as we see in brief in the above article and the question to be asked is that, “Are all the benefits yoga give only for women?”

The answer which echoes is that even men deserve all the benefits of yoga and it is necessary for a society to grow together that everyone is healthy in mind, body and spirit irrespective of their gender.


1985, Swami Muktibodhananda, Hatha Yoga pradipika,90


1985, Swami Muktibodhananda, Hatha Yoga pradipika,90

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